Karborek Recycling Carbon Fibers is the pioneer company in Italy specialized in recovering and recycling carbon fibers.

The system to recycle composite materials, located in Puglia, will be able to process 1500 tons of scrap materials per year at full speed.

KARBOREK RCF is an innovative company focused on the eco-sustainable industrial development; It invests in technologic innovation, research and experimentation cooperating with the most excellent Public and Private Research Offices with the ambitious objective to introduce into the market high value-added products, processes and solutions .


KARBOREK and the environment
The process patented in 2002 and realized by KARBOREK and ENEA is complaint with the European rules about environmental impact subject. The process foresees the recovery of carbon and/or glass fibers from composite materials in polymeric and plastic arrays.

Environment safeguard and value increase together with the focus on environmental subjects are the main values to which KARBOREK RCF inspires itself as they are considered critical elements for the company development and growth whose activity can’t preclude from respecting the society where it works.

In an always more conscious world about the needs to recycle and reuse its resources, KARBOREK RCF supplies a safe and sustainable way for the disposal of CFRP wastes.

Our system to recycle carbon fiber is protected by the patent n. 0001333539 and authorized by Lecce Province with the UNIQUE AUTHORIZATION n. 58 of 9 March2012

KARBOREK in particular:

  • monitors parameters connected with environmental impacts in order to establish relative control and alert limits;
  • plans the necessary activities to apply the Integrated Management System for the Quality and for the Environment;
  • tests technologies and verifies law restraints for the secondary prime materials use coming from own Customers or from similar sector companies;
  • establishes internal procedures tending to rule waste production with the aim to reduce their amount and to separate them during their collection.


The increasing use of carbon fibers in different fields such as aeronautic and automobile industries and consequently the larger production of scrap materials containing carbon fibers require new safe and sustainable methods to recover similar materials
Recycling prevents to waste potentially useful materials and prime materials consumption is less as well as power consumption and even green house gases emission. Recycling is a key concept in the modern treatment of scraps and it is an irreplaceable component in the waste hierarchy management

The process includes a thermo treatment of losses, scraps and composite materials of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) with the aim to get rid of plastic matrix from recovered fibers at a reactive atmosphere. Such fibers can be reused in realizing composites with mechanic characteristics very similar to those of rolling-mills produced with virgin carbon fibers.

Through the implementation of the CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics) materials recycling centre we contribute in keeping natural resources and thanks to the high efficient process and to the low emissions contents, we will improve recycled materials availability allowing a larger use of CFRP materials.

The more increasing carbon fibers consumption and the larger CFRP waste amount the higher disposal of request will be. As KARBOREK RCF is an authorized company for wastes management, it offers a safe and sustainable recycling collecting your processed or end-life scraps containing carbon fibers.

The production scraps we collect are indicated through the following CER codes:
CER 040209 - wastes from composite materials
CER 070213 - plastic wastes
CER 120105 - filing and plastic materials shavings
CER 160119 - Plastic
CER 160306 - organic wastes, different from the ones with code 160305
CER 170203 - Plastic


Thereafter, carbon fibers are totally recovered through our process (100%). Then, recovered fibers become our finished goods:

Flexible insulating extremely compact felt with the shape of a mattress. The material has good thermal insulating properties, highly resisting to temperature, extremely flexible and compact.

Anti-friction, anti-electrostatic materials, sport equipments, etc. It is used for plastic conductivity improvement and grouts reinforcement.

Changeable length fibers, usually included between 100 and 300 micron. They reinforce thermoplastic resins and they increase electrical conductivity (until 5%).

Our carbon fiber recycling system allows to keep over 90% of virgin fibers mechanical properties and to optimize costs compared with virgin carbon fibers.
Such costs drop might represent an enlargement of recycled fibers usage range even to not traditional fields. Carbon fiber improves composite properties and it guarantees :
» Strenght increase
» Higher module
» Higher tenacity
» Higher Dimensional stability
» Electric Conductivity

Our products can be used for:
» Antistatic Coating and paint
» Termoplastic Polimer – reinforced, antistatic and conductive
» EMI shielding
» Epoxy paint in floating modules
» Dies in composite
» Fabrics not woven
» Isolation at high temperature
Here are some examples of sectors of carbon fibers usage recycled by Karborek RCF:
» Aereospace
» Automotive
» Industrial
» Nautical
» Military
» Sport

Laboratories tests showed that composites obtained with recycled carbon fibers have similar characteristics of composite obtained with virgin carbon fibers.
Laboratories tests


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